The Changers

The Changers network is intended to lead the change in mentality and the way entrepreneurship is being conducted, impacting the development of communities and startup ecosystems at their foundations.

Discovering together the common bottlenecks and the issues of what it takes to solve real problems and create true value is crucial for developing countries affected by corruption and bad business practices.

Started in Central and Eastern Europe, our goal is to shift the established economic model, attempting to fundamentally change the way that active community leaders collaborate and influence their local ecosystems.

The Challenge

A high-profile workshop for global and national startup community leaders, aimed at empowering developing markets to grow into tech-entrepreneurial driven economies.


Create an open-source, practical framework for entrepreneurial development that can be adapted and adopted by developing countries that need help with creating / growing their own startup ecosystem.

Building a roadmap for the activities that need to be created to achieve a healthy entrepreneurial environment, leading to the development of a knowledge based society, that advances rapidly through technology and entrepreneurship.

Become part of a global network of people whose expertise will enable entrepreneurs worldwide to achieve their potential.


Moldova - a small country in Southeastern Europe bordered by Romania on the west and Ukraine on the north, east, and south, currently ranked Europe’s least visited country.

Moldova is at a crossroads geographically, politically, and economically. Positioned between Western Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Moldova has the advantage of geographical and cultural proximity to both western markets and eastern markets. Economic transition has been typical of most post-communist counties, change and adaptation has been a slow and complex process.

Trade and services, telecommunications and information technology contribute significantly to the economy, accounting for 25% of GDP. The Moldovan information communications technology market is at an early stage of development, yet it is among the most dynamic sectors of the economy, with 0,87% of Moldovan workforce being employed in the IT industry.

The Challenge Location

Eco-Resort Butuceni [LINK]


Friday, April 22 - Arrival to Chisinau, Moldova

19:00 - Networking event with the local community

APRIL 23-25, 2016

Saturday, April 23

Travel to eco-resort Butuceni + guided tour of the location
15:30 Introductory presentation about Moldova IT sector / entrepreneurial ecosystem
Explaining the rules and expected outcomes
Opening of The Challenge Workshop
19.00 Dinner with cooking masterclass

Sunday, April 24

Full day of The Challenge Workshop
18:00 Presentation of the final conclusions and draft roadmap
19.00 Dinner and cultural evening (concert + dance class)

Other fun available activities:
Cow/Goat Milking
Feeding chicken
Hoeing garden weeds
Traditional cooking workshop

Monday, April 25

Departure to Chisinau & City Tour
Head home
Visit to Cricova underground winery

Cricova A mere 120 kilometres (75 mi) of labyrinthine roadways, versus MM's 200 kilometres (120 mi), tunnels have existed under Cricova since the 15th century, when limestone was dug out to help build Chişinău.


After returning to Chisinau from t]The Changers Challenge workshop, there are 4 extra days of activities planned:

Tuesday, April 26

Free agenda or separate agenda for selected guests (meetings with local stakeholders, ministry, USAID Project)

Wednesday, April 27

Attend Moldova ICT Summit - most important IT event in Moldova
Presentation of the Challenge workshop outcome in front of the Moldovan Government officials
Participation of select guests as conference speakers
Networking event at the US Ambassador residence

Thursday April 28

Moldova ICT Summit Day 2 / Departure

Friday, April 29

All Guests Departure :(

Contact the Organising Team

Feel free to email us to give us suggestions for new events, or to just say hello!

CEE Changers Founder: Anca Albu

Development Manager | USAID Competitiveness Project: Ionela Titirez